Clearview museum storage cabinet

Beckwith Engineering design and manufacture these robust cabinets and supply direct to museums and art galleries throughout the UK and Worldwide.

Our Clearview cabinet has been specifically designed for secure storage and display purposes in museums to provide a protected view of each artifact or specimen securely contained within.

  • Robust Storage Cabinets
  • Constructed in high quality steel with durable polyster powder coating
  • Suitable for storage and display
  • Secure and airtight.
  • All joints and doors have silicon seals and flush door handles with two locking points
  • Accessible full width shelves are pull-out type mounted on sliders for easy access
  • Easy installation.
  • Each museum cabinet has pump truck lifting points, adjustable floor levellers and all shelf positions are also adjustable
  • Flexible design. with options available including; range of powder coating colours, solid doors, half width shelving and centre shelf option
  • Our expert design team can customise museum cabinets to suit your specific requirements.

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